A lot has changed since March. We have all had to adapt to a new way of living and working.  Mount Sinai Fertility is no exception.  We have had to re-imagine almost every aspect of how we deliver care to our patients so we can maintain safety, while at the same time keeping up with the demand and ensuring a positive experience.   We have taken advantage of the last 10 weeks to re-invent ourselves.   While your experience at Mount Sinai Fertility will look and feel a different, we want our patients to know that we are following the best practices in infection prevention and control to ensure patient and staff safety.  We also need your help to ensure a safe environment for all so that we may keep fertility services going.  Here are some of the changes you can expect to see at the clinic.

The clinic will look and feel a little different. We have made changes to ensure appropriate physical distancing between patients and staff.  We will evaluate these changes over time to ensure we are meeting the needs of our patients and staff.

Appointment Times:  We have spaced appointments out to enable physical distancing within the clinic. We ask that you arrive exactly at your appointment time.  If you arrive early, we will ask that you to wait outside the clinic until your appointment time.

Walk-Ins: Please do not visit the clinic without first making an appointment. This will help us maintain an appropriate number of people on site and will allow us to follow our pre-screening procedures.

Partners and Visitors: Reducing the number of people on site will help us serve more patients.  Therefore, we ask that partners and visitors stay at home or wait for you outside of the clinic, unless instructed to attend an appointment.  If you need someone to accompany you following a procedure, they will be able to wait for you in the lobby.

Screening: We will call you one day prior to your visit to pre-screen for symptoms of COVID-19.  You will also be screened as you enter the clinic.  Here are the questions you can expect.

  • Are you experiencing any of the following?
    • Cough
    • Runny or stuffy nose
    • Fever higher than 37.8 degrees
    • Sore throat
    • Shortness of breath
  • Are you awaiting test results for COVID-19?
  • Do you live with someone who is waiting for test results for COVID-19 or who is confirmed positive?

We apologize for being repetitive and asking these questions before each visit, but screening will be an important aspect of our safety plan.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  You may not be able to see our smiling faces behind the PPE but know we are happy to see you once again!  Staff and patients will be required to wear a mask provided by us upon entry to the clinic.

New Self-Check-In:  You can now check in more quickly.  After sanitizing your hands, you will be able to check in quickly at one of 3 kiosks!  We will capture any changes to your information the day before your visit.

Reception Area: Waiting will be a thing of the past. But if you do need to wait, we have reduced the number of chairs in the waiting room to keep people at a safe distance.  Familiar faces will still be there to greet you, but now just behind a layer of plexiglass.

If you have been through a treatment cycle before, you will notice many changes in our processes. We think these changes will enhance your care and promote a safer environment by reducing the time you need to spend at the clinic.  Here are some of the changes you can expect:

COVID-19 Acknowledgment: We want you to be informed about COVID-19 and any risks associated with starting treatment during the pandemic. For this reason we will require that you read and sign an information package on COVID-19.

Patient Teaching: You will now meet with the nurse through a secure video conference to review your cycle plans.

COVID-19 Swab: All patients undergoing a treatment cycle will be required to complete a COVID-19 swab.  We are asking patients to do this for safety reasons, but also to help ensure you are well when starting your cycle.

Cycle Monitoring Nursing Visit: Instead of waiting to see a nurse after your ultrasound and blood work, a nurse will send written instructions to your portal. With our new appointment times, your time spent at the clinic will be much shorter and you will see fewer patients on site.  Of course, we are still available for any questions.

Medications:  In order to limit the number of visits to the clinic, we are asking patients to pick up 10 days worth of medications when purchasing from Mount Sinai Fertility.

IVF Procedures: Egg retrievals will now start earlier and patients will only have to arrive 1 hour before their procedure. At this time, your partner (if applicable) or support person will not be permitted to stay for this procedure.

Sperm Samples:  Where a fresh sperm sample is required for your procedure, partners will be asked to produce the sample at home and bring it to the clinic at a pre-scheduled time, as long as the sample can be dropped off within 1 hour of the sample being produced.  One of our lab staff will be available to receive the sample so you can be in and out of the clinic quickly. Sperm collection kits can be picked up from our downtown location.

Donor Gametes:  If you are ordering donor sperm and/or donor eggs, these must arrive at the clinic before you call your Day 1. This gives us time to review paperwork and ensure compliance with new safety regulations. Please note, we are only accepting shipments for individuals who have been contacted to start a treatment cycle.

Mount Sinai Fertility has reviewed all cleaning procedures and will continue to clean and disinfect all surfaces between patients.

Our Satellite Locations: For now, our satellite locations will remain closed for cycle monitoring. Physicians will continue to perform virtual consultations so as to minimize contact and the requirement for you to travel and pay for parking.

Contactless Payment:  To simplify your visits, fees will be collected when you call with a Day 1.  Your invoice will be uploaded to your patient portal and you can pay through our website or by calling our billing team. We now offer an estimate of the treatment costs so they can be fully informed of fees prior to the start of treatment.

Feedback:  The pandemic has provided us an opportunity to rethink how we deliver care to our patients. We believe that many of the changes will enhance the overall experience. However, we do want to hear from you if you have comments or suggestions.  Please also be patient with us as we adapt to new ways of serving our patients.  We are all committed to our patients and above all want to see you succeed in making your family.  We are in this together with you.

Like you, we want to ensure that fertility services can continue uninterrupted. Therefore, we are relying on you to be honest about any symptoms or exposures you may have had to COVID-19.  We need you to follow the guidelines we have put in place as well as those communicated by public health.  We know how devastating it has been to put fertility treatments on hold for the last few months and none of us want to go through this again.  If you are experiencing symptoms or suspect that you may have been exposed, please do not visit the clinic and contact us for instruction.