We are now into the third month of our plan to resume services. We are happy to see more patients receiving services at our clinic, but acknowledge the wait has been very difficult. Many patients continue to wait as we manage the volume of treatments to ensure we achieve our high standard of safety and quality. We deeply appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation through this time.

Phase 2 Update (FET, ERA, Egg Thaw Cycles):

  • Most of the patients whose FET, ERA or Egg Thaw cycles were cancelled due to COVID-19 should have been contacted by now. Many have completed their FET cycle or will do so this month. If you were not among the group of cancelled patients and would like to proceed with an FET, ERA or Egg Thaw cycle, you may call a Day 1 on or after Sept 1st, 2020.
  • Please understand that we will need to manage our volumes appropriately. Therefore, we will have a maximum number of new cycle starts per week. If you report your Day 1 and we have hit the maximum number of cycles for the week, you will be pre-scheduled for the following month.
  • We understand waiting may be disappointing. However, quality and safety for patients and staff are our top priorities and we cannot risk another pause in services.

IUI and Donor Insemination Cycles:

  • Those IUI patients whose cycle was canceled due to COVID, will be able to call with their Day 1 on or after August 31, 2020. We are now contacting this first group of patients through their Patient Portal.
  • For those IUI patient who are not part of the cancelled IUI group: as we anticipate high demand for IUI services and have limits on our capacity, we ask that patients complete a short survey that will be sent to you by email.  With your response, we will have a better idea of patient volume and can better plan for delivery of IUI services. We will do our best to assign patients to a month and will communicate this to each patient who completes the survey. You will receive an email with a link to the survey the week of August 17th. Please respond to the survey August 28th. IUIs will be scheduled starting October 1, 2020
  • Due to the large volume of patients wishing to proceed with an IUI cycle, we will not be able to accommodate consecutive IUI cycles (i.e. two months in a row), unless the cycle was cancelled.

Intercourse Cycles (IC):

  • More details on our plans for IC cycles will be communicated in a subsequent notice.

IVF and Egg Freezing Patients

  • IVF and egg freezing patients who are not using OFP funding, will be able to start treatment within a month or two of being added to our list.
  • Our wait list for funded IVF services is approximately 15 months from the date a patient was added to the wait list. Currently, we are serving patients who were added to the wait list in the summer of 2019.


  • Blood Lab: MSF has resumed phlebotomy services at the Downtown location. If you need to book an appointment for viral bloodwork, AMH or a Beta tests, please contact our clinic at 416-586-4748.
  • Hysteroscopy: We have not yet fully resumed our Office & Operative Hysteroscopy program. Your physician’s office will be in touch with you to book these procedures as opportunities become available.
  • Satellites: Our satellites will remain closed until further notice.