Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
To all our patients undergoing IUI – all procedures will be considered funded. Once we run out of funding, we will revert back to our original approach, however we want you to have the maximum funding available. We will also be removing any restrictions (for example, number of procedures you can do in a year, inability to do back to back procedures); however we will continue having weekly volume restrictions on the number of procedures per week to ensure quality and safety are maintained. Hopefully this will improve access to you in a supportive way.

COVID-19 Testing
Given the provincial change in Covid-19 testing, we will no longer be requiring swabs pre-procedure for asymptomatic patients. Only symptomatic patients will be required to get a swab done at a COVID-19 Assessment Center. We continue to keep you safe by pre-screening all patients and are adding temperature checks as you enter the clinic as of Oct 6, 2020. The Sinai Health infection control team, led by Dr. Jennie Johnstone, has reviewed and supports this change to keep patients and staff safe through this phase.

Contacting Mount Sinai Fertility
Recently, our call volume has grown significantly and while we try to put additional measures in place, we will do our best to reply to your questions and concerns in timely manner. An alternate way of reach us is to send an email to We are working with our IT team to restructure our call system based on your feedback. In the meantime, nurses are triaging messages to attend to most urgent messages first.

Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman
Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman will be leaving the Mount Sinai Fertility team as of Oct 9, 2020. By now, you should have received a message indicating your new assigned physician as we want to ensure continuity of care. Your file will be transferred seamlessly and there is no action needed on your part. If you have any questions, please let us know at