What a difference a month makes!

Today (March 28, 2016), we are booking patients with physician orders for funded IVF cycles into the end of August and September 2016. Funded FETs are available immediately as are IUI cycles.

Private pay cycles of any kind are available as soon as the physician order is written and the patient is ready to start.

In just three days, on April 1, the Ontario Fertility Program (OFP) will be entering the new fiscal year of 2017/18. Mount Sinai Fertility is looking  forward to serving many hundreds of patients who will walk through our doors in the next 12 months looking to start a family.


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  1. how can I get covererage for an IUI. I am going on my 3d IUI (paying out of pocket) and would like some financial assistance for the 3rd. I have done the IUI’s at Toronto’s registered fertility clinic at 56 Aberfoyle cres. They informed me we would pay out of pocket these expenses but I get conflicting information.