Important Notice – IUI Funding

Funding for intrauterine insemination (IUI) is expected to be used up in October.
Demand for IUI treatments has exceeded the amount of funding available to Mount Sinai Fertility from the Ontario Fertility Program. As a result, patients who start an IUI cycle after October 1, 2019 should expect pay for the full costs of their IUI cycle by the time of their insemination procedure.

Patients have the following options:
1. Pay the $725 IUI fee that would otherwise have been covered by the Ontario Fertility Program. This fee is in addition to the $575 lab fee and cost of medications incurred by patients for each IUI cycle.

2. Defer your IUI cycle until April 2020 when we expect funding will be available again. In this case, expect to start a cycle after March 15, 2020 with the IUI procedure falling in April. Note, we cannot guarantee that the Ministry will renew its funding of fertility treatments for the next budget year starting in April 2020.

3. Discuss with your physician, the possibility of doing an IVF cycle, or alternate treatment option, if available.

If you have questions about the Ontario Fertility Program (OFP), please refer to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website at If you have questions for your doctor about your treatment options, please contact the office of your fertility specialist directly.