COVID-19 Update – April 30, 2020

What has been happening at MSF?
Like you, we are eager to start serving our patients again and moving forward with fertility treatments. One thing we have learned is that adversity breeds innovation. Since mid-March, we have been hard at work re-shaping our environment and work flow to make your journey with us safe, smooth and efficient.

Here‘s what you can expect

  • Reduced wait times in the mornings for cycle monitoring
  • More consultations and nurse teaching by phone or videoconference
  • Drop-off service for sperm samples and banking prior to IUI and IVF procedures
  • Better spacing of patients and appointments to ensure minimal contact with others
  • Introduction of additional barriers and protective equipment

Our COVID-19 taskforce is working with an ethicist to establish a systematic way for our patients to commence treatment, knowing that the demand will likely exceed our capacity while observing safe practices. Once finalized, we will be notifying patients. We understand our patients are anxiously awaiting this information. We want to get this right and ensure our plan fits with directions we are getting from public health and the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society.

  • We continue to perform urgent fertility preservation for cancer patients and provide early obstetrical care to our patients.
  • We are on site answering questions and concerns through phone and e-mail.
  • Our physicians, nurse practitioner, genetic counsellors and social worker are seeing patients for consultations through OTN and phone visits. If you would like to make an appointment, contact the clinic.

Our community partners are beginning to see patients for fertility investigations:


True North Imaging will soon be starting to perform Sonohystograms. If your fertility care physician has given you a requisition for a Sonohystogram, you can contact True North Imaging to book an appointment.

Semen Analysis:

FlowLabs will be resuming Semen Analysis, by drop off only at their Oshawa location and will soon be resuming drop-off service at their Downtown Toronto location. You will need to contact FlowLabs to arrange for a drop off kit to either be mailed to you or picked up at one of their locations and to book an appointment for your sample drop off. Visit their website for more information.

Blood Labs:

Many Lifelabs and Dynacare locations are still open during COVID-19. Please visit their websites to find a location nearest to you.

We will continue to update you as our community partners resume services.

What can I do to protect myself from COVID-19?
It is important to remain healthy and reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19. You can do this by:

  • Frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Practice social (physical) distancing
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue then throw the tissue in the garbage
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care

Helpful Resources:
There is a lot of information available at our fingertips. We want to ensure our patients are receiving accurate and current information to help make informed decisions and protect themselves and others. Here are some resources the clinic suggests:
Ontario public health
Mount Sinai Hospital, Women’s & Infants Program
Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention