Our goal at Mount Sinai Fertility is to offer quality care to our patients while maintaining safety and best practice standards.

To achieve a more equitable distribution of IUI funding for all of our patients throughout the year, as well as maintain safety and quality, we have made the following changes effective April 1, 2021:

  • Patients using partner sperm will be limited to 2 funded IUI cycles per year
  • Patients using donor sperm will be limited to 4 funded IUI cycles per year
  • Patients will be asked to skip one month between funded cycles – For example, if you had completed a funded IUI cycle in March then your next funded IUI cycle will in May


How do I start an IUI cycle?

Once you have met with your MSF Physician and have decided together that you will be preceding with an IUI Cycle, you will call the nursing line on your day 1 (first day of your period). Call 416-586-4748, select option 2. State and spell the first and last name per your Health Card, the name you use if different from your Health Card, your date of birth, the date of your Day 1 and that you would like to start your IUI cycle. Leave a private call back number and a nurse will call you back by the end of the next day.


How do I know when it will be?

After your call, the nurse will review your chart, ensure all orders and virals have been complete, then will coordinate with you an available date for your funded cycle. If the week you’re calling in is already full to capacity, the nurse will estimate your next day 1 and reserve a spot for you in that month. For example if you call with a day 1 in April and we have already filled all our IUI spots for that week/month the nurse will reserve a spot in May for you.


Since I have to skip a month between funded IUI cycles, can I do a private paid cycle in that month off?

Yes, you can call with your day 1 and state you would like to do a private pay IUI cycle in the month between your funded months. If we have space available, you will be allowed to start a private pay cycle.


What happens after I have used all my funded IUIs?

Once you have completed your funded IUI cycles you can choose to continue with IUIs by doing private pay cycles. If you call with a day 1 and we have already reached capacity we will reserve a private spot for you in the next available month. Alternatively, if possible, you can complete a timed intercourse cycle or meet with your physician to review next steps.


How much does it cost?

Funded IUI Cycle: $650 + cost of medications (if applicable)
Private IUI Cycle: $1375 + $350 (per year) + cost of medications (if applicable)


We sincerely appreciate your understanding as we make these changes. If you have further questions regarding this process please call the nursing line (416-586-4748, select option 2).