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Sharing Miracles

One of the greatest pleasures of working in a fertility clinic is realizing that what happens here is often nothing short of miraculous. To help foster new life is a great privilege.

Two recent patients came to visit our clinic today. Roma and Sharon are expecting in May and it was great to share the joy of their anticipation and the sheer happiness that they radiated.

Roma and Sharon also shared with us a special poster they created. With their permission, we are sharing it here.


Do you have a Mount Sinai Fertility story you would like to share? Please let us know.


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  1. very cute! i’m glad i checked out your blog. i just love seeing success stories like this. our TTC story is very common to most others with infertility issues. multiple miscarriages. surgeries. a failed IVF cycle. failed embryo transfers. OHSS on our second IVF cycle forcing us to freeze all of our embryos for transfer at a later date. it seemed we may never have a child of our own. then on our third embryo transfer last summer – BAM – we were finally expecting with a viable pregnancy! Maeve Sharon Anne arrived on her due date – April 23, 2015 – and life has never been sweeter. i am back on the website tonight because we are hoping to have another dream come true this fall when we transfer one of our frozen embryos 🙂

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