Getting Started With Mount Sinai Fertility

Taking the first step on your journey toward parenthood is an exciting time! We want to make this as easy as possible for you. We offer patients care based on their needs and requirements, so every fertility journey has its own unique pathway. That said, the general process follows the steps listed below.

What are the steps involved?

The process includes the following steps:


Your treatment journey begins with a referral from your health care provider. Once received, we will contact you within five business days to confirm your details and get more information. Next, we forward your file to your fertility specialist's office and they will contact you to arrange your initial consultation.


The Mount Sinai Fertility care team will review your medical history with you, including any previous fertility treatments. This is your chance to ask questions and begin building a treatment path with your specialist. If you are undergoing treatment with a partner(s), we ask that they attend your first appointment.


Your specialist will order tests for greater insight into your health and fertility.

Follow Up Appointment

You will meet your specialist again to review your test results and determine next steps.


Your treatment gets underway! At Mount Sinai Fertility, we believe every treatment should be individualized to the needs and health of each patient; therefore timelines will vary between patients, even between those undergoing the same fertility treatment.

Follow Up With Physician

Once your treatment is complete, you will meet with your physician again to review your treatment outcome and determine next steps.