Mount Sinai Fertility part of Sinai Health, is an academic centre associated with renowned Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and University of Toronto. All MSF staff and fellows are actively involved in carefully designing and conducting multiple research projects in various areas of fertility to provide the best care for our patients.


Research allows our team to better comprehend the ever evolving field of fertility and provides evidence where we base our decisions in providing evidence-based care and treatment for our patients. In depth, we conduct research studies to improve patient care and education, to provide better access to fertility care, and to enhance our knowledge to better care for patients. Our ultimate goal is to better the outcome of patients through increase in implantation rate, pregnancy and live birth rate.

Current Research Studies

We are actively looking for participants for the following studies. If you are interested in participating in any studies or finding out more about these opportunities, please contact the clinical research coordinator, at [email protected] or call at 416-586-4800 ext 7151.

HeLTI Canada Study


The purpose of HeLTI Canada is to evaluate whether technology-based care can improve the health of families before pregnancy (preconception), during pregnancy, and into early childhood, promote child development, and prevent the development of obesity and chronic diseases.

What is HeLTI?

The Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) was developed in partnership with research teams from Canada, India, China and South Africa and in collaboration with the World Health Organization to address the increasing rates of obesity, chronic diseases (such as heart disease diabetes), and mental illness around the world. Four separate studies are being conducted in Soweto (South Africa), Mysore (India), Shanghai (China), and all across Canada and all the studies are focused on improving the health and well-being of pregnancy-planning people and their partners from preconception (before conception) and into pregnancy and the postpartum period. This initiative will help us understand how to prevent children from later developing obesity and chronic diseases and it may improve the health of families in Canada and worldwide.


Want more information?

For more information about the study or if you are interested in participating, please visit their website:

IZUMO sperm ligand and JUNO egg receptor-Study


To study the process of human fertilization through analysis of newly discovered proteins: IZUMO1 ligand and JUNO receptor, which are found on the surface of human sperm and egg, respectively, and were proven to be essential for fertilization.

Who can participate?

Individuals with sperm or eggs undergoing In Vitro Fertilization fertility treatment at Mount Sinai Fertility.

What is involved?

Participants will be asked for consent to have their unused sperm, unused eggs, or the fluid that remains after handling the sperm and eggs (that are normally discarded) to be collected and used for the research. Clinical data, including the parameters of the sperm and the treatment outcomes, will also be collected and de-identified before analysis.

Want more information? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our research team for more information about the study: 416-586-4748

IVF vs. ICSI Pilot Survey Study


To determine the future feasibility of performing a multi-centred, prospective, randomized controlled trial in Canada of using ICSI versus conventional IVF for couples/patients with non-male factor infertility.

Who can participate?

Participants undergoing their first IVF treatment.


What is involved?

Participants will be asked to complete a short survey.

Dual Trigger Study


To evaluate whether the use of a “dual-trigger” (Superfact + Pregnyl) can improve IVF outcomes, compared to GnRH-a alone, in patients at high risk of OHSS undergoing a freeze-all cycle.

To determine if frozen embryo transfer occurring on the sixth day or the seventh day of progesterone supplementation will lead to lower miscarriage rates.

Who can participate?

Participants who are considered at risk of developing OHSS and undergoing IVF treatment.


What is involved?

Participants will be randomized into two groups: treatment arm (Suprefact® + Pregnyl®) vs. control arm (Suprefact® + sham-placebo).

BRCA Follicular Fluid Study


To better understand conditions that contribute to the initiation of high-grade serous ovarian cancer to develop drugs or approaches to prevent the disease.

Who can participate?

Individuals who have or will be tested for germline mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2.


What is involved?

Participants will be asked to provide consent to have their follicular fluid (that is normally discarded) collected to be used for research.

Recent Publications

MSF publishes our research findings in leading scientific journals every year. Click on the links below to access full abstract.

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