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Fertility Preservation

Some patients, who have not yet had the chance to start or complete their family, require treatment or medication that can cause impairment or loss of fertility. For example, a person who will be undergoing cancer treatment, a transgender person who will be starting hormone treatment, or a person who is having their ovaries surgically removed. As a result, many patients want to consider the option of preserving their fertility through gamete (egg or sperm) or embryo freezing before starting treatment.

To preserve the full range of options, fertility issues should be discussed as early as possible when planning any sort of potentially fertility-compromising treatment.  If you are already receiving or have received fertility-compromising treatment, it may still be possible to pursue fertility preservation but each situation needs to be assessed individually. Please have your care provider send us a referral so we can discuss these options with you.

At Mount Sinai Fertility, when required, we expedite referrals for sperm banking and for those wanting to receive a medical consultation to discuss their medical and cancer-associated fertility risks.


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