Clinic Update – January 28, 2021

Vaughan Location Reopening

We are excited to share with you that our Vaughan location is reopened for Cycle Monitoring!
Location: Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus, 9600 Bathurst St, Maple, ON L6A 3Z8
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, from 7:00 am to 2:50 pm.

Important considerations when cycle monitoring from VAUGHAN SITE:

  • Ultrasound is performed by our own sonographers.
  • Parking is available onsite for a fee.
  • Before entry to the building, you must wear a mask and a security guard will take your temperature.
  • Mount Sinai Hospital currently has a no visitors policy in order to limit exposure.
  • Remember to bring your health card to every appointment.
  • The Vaughan Site only offers blood work and ultrasound testing, all procedures will take place at the Main site located in Downtown Toronto – 250 Dundas Street West, 7th floor, M5T 2Z5
  • There are limited appointment slots available at the Vaughan Site. If an appointment is unavailable at the Vaughan site then your appointment will be scheduled at Downtown .
  • Please arrive on time, we may not be able to accommodate if you arrive late for your appointment
  • MEDICATIONS: You will need ALL your medications and injection supplies before starting your treatment cycle
    • Your cycle may be cancelled if you do not have all your medications on hand in advance.
    • Not all pharmacies carry fertility medications, please speak to your pharmacy in advance to prevent treatment delays/cancellations. We encourage you to purchase your medications from a pharmacy that stocks fertility medications on site. Please see this list of Pharmacies that may stock fertility medications
    • A courier may be arranged to deliver medications from the Mount Sinai Fertility Downtown Site pharmacy to the Vaughan site for pick up, or to your home address, for an additional fee – some restrictions apply, fees subject to distance and courier rates.
  • A Nurse will follow up with you remotely to address questions or concerns. They will speak to you regarding the planning of your treatment and relay directions from your MSF Physician to you via phone.

If you are interested in having your Bloodwork and Ultrasound appointments moved to our Vaughan location, please call us at 416-586-4748 to reschedule the location of your appointment.


Updates on COVID-19:
Prior to every visit, you will be sent a text message reminder to fill out the Online Pre-COVID Screening form in your patient portal. You are required to complete this before every visit.
Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.


Ontario Fertility Program – IVF Waitlist
We are happy to announce that our current wait-times is 6-7 months for Funded IVF cycles and 1 month or less for Self-Pay IVF cycles.
Patients will receive a notification via web correspondence, 3 months prior to their scheduled Funded – IVF cycle start date to set up a review appointment and discuss your care plan with your MSF Physician.