Egg Freezing Explained: Empowering Fertility Preservation

Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a revolutionary fertility preservation technique available at Mount Sinai Fertility in Toronto. This process involves collecting and freezing a woman’s eggs at a younger age.  These can be safely stored for future use when ready to conceive.

The procedure begins with ovarian stimulation through medications to promote maturation of multiple follicles (containing eggs). Once matured, the eggs are retrieved by a minimally invasive procedure. These eggs are then carefully frozen using a specialized technique known as vitrification.  Safely stored, their viability is maintained for years.

Egg freezing offers a proactive approach for women looking to preserve their fertility due to career goals, medical reasons, or personal choice. It provides flexibility and peace of mind, ensuring the option of using healthy, younger eggs later when ready to start a family.

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