New Horizons in Fertility Treatment: Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation and Beyond

In the evolving world of reproductive health, the development of fertility treatments continues to evolve, bringing new hope and possibilities to those dreaming of parenthood. At Mount Sinai Fertility they keenly observe and adopt innovative approaches that promise to change the landscape of fertility care. Among the recent breakthroughs, certain technologies have emerged as particularly promising, offering new pathways for those facing fertility challenges. Dr. Jennia Michaeli highlights fertility preservation advancements offering options for.

What advancements in fertility treatment have you found most promising or exciting recently? 

Dr. Jennia Michaeli, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist, Mount Sinai Fertility:

Recent breakthroughs in fertility preservation bring light and hope, especially for those undergoing medical treatments that may impact their future fertility. One significant advancement is the method of ovarian tissue cryopreservation, offering new possibilities, particularly for cancer patients.

This method involves the freezing of ovarian tissue, which is less dependent on the timing of a woman’s menstrual cycle compared to traditional egg freezing. It’s a beacon of hope for many reasons:

  • Timeliness for Treatment: Time is of the essence for cancer patients. This method allows for the quick preservation of fertility before starting cancer treatments.
  • Inclusive of All Ages: Ovarian tissue cryopreservation offers a broader age range compared to egg freezing.  This method can be suitable for individuals from childhood up to the age of 35, providing options for those at different life stages.
  • Hormone and Fertility Restoration: The potential to restore natural hormone functions and fertility upon re-implantation offers immense hope to those in remission.

There have been successful pregnancies and births from re-implanted ovarian tissue, providing cancer survivors with the possibility of starting or growing their families in the future.

At Mount Sinai Fertility, we are proud to offer ovarian tissue cryopreservation as part of our commitment to providing cutting-edge fertility preservation services. Our Centre of Excellence for Fertility Preservation tailors care to each individual’s unique circumstances, guiding cancer patients and others through their fertility preservation options with compassion and expertise.

Your journey is uniquely yours, and we are here to support you with the latest advancements and personalized care. Speak with your healthcare provider about how these new treatments might fit into your fertility plan. We’re with you at every step, offering hope and helping you explore your options for the future.

For those interested in exploring how these advancements might shape your fertility plan, or if you are seeking support and expertise to guide you through your fertility journey, we invite you to visit the Mount Sinai Fertility website today.