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Fertility Treatments and Weight Changes: Debunking Misconceptions

Concerns about weight gain during fertility treatments often arise, but let’s clarify the facts. Fertility treatments themselves don’t directly cause weight gain. However, certain factors surrounding treatment might contribute to temporary changes.

Hormonal medications used in some fertility treatments might lead to mild fluid retention, which can create a temporary feeling of bloating or slight weight fluctuation. However, this isn’t permanent and typically resolves post-treatment.

Moreover, the emotional stress associated with fertility journeys might impact eating habits and physical activity, indirectly influencing weight. Yet, this varies individually and isn’t a direct effect of the treatments.

Our dedicated team at Mount Sinai Fertility prioritizes patient education and support. We empower individuals with comprehensive information, addressing concerns, and providing guidance throughout the fertility process.

Rest assured, pursuing fertility treatments under professional guidance doesn’t inherently cause weight gain. For personalized insights and guidance on fertility treatments, consult our experts at Mount Sinai Fertility.